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Cumberland, MD was once the “Queen City”, a hub of industry and culture in Appalachia. But the story of Cumberland has paralleled that of many once-great cities throughout the Appalachian region: the gradual departure of industry and, with it, a slow descent into economic stagnation and cultural rigidity. But even here, flowers grow in the cracked pavement: a queer community has banded together, found its identity, and created a thriving drag scene. "The Queens of Queen City” is a documentary project exploring the courage, risks, and repercussions of openly expressing LGBTQ identities in rural, conservative America.

Winner of a Pulitzer Grant, Finalist for LensCulture Portrait Awards, Honorable Mention for the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, and the ZEKE Award for Doc Photography. Out now in VQR with an essay from Rae Garringer

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