Thank you for your interest in purchasing a print!  All of my prints are created under my direct supervision and care.  I have them made to archival standards and they are meant to last several lifetimes.  Currently, I am selling a select part of my photographic catalog in a Deluxe Edition:

Deluxe Edition


Deluxe Edition Prints are signed, limited edition prints on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper (308g) with a matte finish.  A white border of 1” – 4” (depending on print size) is placed around each image.  Each print is signed and numbered on print recto (the front) and titled, signed, and stamped with my personalized seal in archival ink on print verso (the back).  The personal seal stands as a certificate of authenticity and an investment for future generations.  The printing work is done by Digital Silver Imaging in Boston, USA, a world-class printing studio.

Deluxe Edition prints are printed in a total edition of 85 prints, with a size breakdown as given below.  Pricing for Deluxe Edition prints is tiered, meaning that the price of each subsequent print in that size edition increases by a minimum of 10% until the edition is sold out.  The price of the first print in the series is given below. 

Small (8x12” or 8x10") / Edition of 25 with 2AP and 1HC:  Starting at $150 + Shipping
Medium (16x24” or 16x20") / Edition of 20 with 2AP and 1HC:  Starting at $300 + Shipping
Large (20x30”or 20x25") / Edition of 15 with 2AP and 1HC:  Starting at $500 + Shipping

Extra Large (24x36"or 24x30") / Edition of 10 with 2 AP and 1HC:  Starting at $850 + Shipping
Huge (40x60” or 40x50") / Edition of 5 with 2 AP and 1HC:  Starting at $1,200 + Shipping


Where to Purchase:

Currently, you can only purchase prints by direct request.  To do so, feel free to browse this site and then reach out to me at

In the near future, a digital storefront will be available via my host gallery, the McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville, VA.  The Lucie Foundation will also soon be launching a site where you can purchase one of my prints.


My work is typically sold as un-framed prints.  However, the printer that I work with makes custom frames and mounts built to museum standards.  If you are interested in a fully framed image, please let me know and I will make the arrangements for you to work directly with the printer to get a fully framed piece shipped to you.