The Chesapeake Bay is North America’s largest estuary.  It filters water for millions, supports thousands of endemic species, and is home to some of the oldest communities and in the US.  But the Bay is rising.  Nearly 3 vertical feet of shoreline have disappeared since Cpn John Smith first sailed here in the 1600’s.  An additional 3 – 8 feet may yet slip below the waves this century.  A rise of this magnitude would swamp nearly 125,000 football fields of marshland and 3 million homes before the year 2100.  The Coming Coast documents a journey along the coastline of the Bay as it may  be in the year 2100.  I travel this line as it snakes through communities that are sometimes miles away from the current coast.  Along the way, I meet people who are impacted and who are actively working to hold back the tides.  The project recognizes that not all is lost:  the choices we make today will determine the coastline of tomorrow.