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Everything that exists, exists in motion.  What seems to be the most permanent, the mountains, the trees, the moon in the night sky, is decidedly not.  "The mountains", says Dogen "are walking.  He who doubts that the mountains walk does not yet understand his own walking"

As a photographer, it is tempting to believe that we capture and preserve moments of time.  This, of course, is fallacy.  The image the photographer creates contains the motion of the world. It contains the motion of the photographer, however subtle. And it contains the motion of the viewer. The image itself is the dance. The River, The Moon and I was shot entirely at dusk, in the liminal space between light and dark. Using long exposures of up to 15 seconds in limited light, I walk through that space, deliberately blending the observed world with the motion of the observer.


Published in Dodho Magazine.

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