Of all of the discoveries of the last half century, none is more pressing or tells us more about ourselves than the realization of the profound un-sustainability of our civilization. We continue to cling to the assumption that everything that we have built: our cities, our homes, our vast empires of wealth, will continue indefinitely… even though we know it can’t.     


Life on this planet will certainly go on. The question is, will it go on without us?


The Enormous Unseen scratches at the facade of industrial civilization and imagines what the world might look like after we are gone.  It is an exploration of the idea that our eventual demise and disappearance from this world can be both horrifying, and simultaneously beautiful.  It is also a call for us to wake up from our collective delusions and seek pathways towards sustainability.


The series was created by double exposing urban landscapes with wild spaces. The technique was done entirely within the camera without the aid of Photoshop.



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